Laminate Flooring

Stylish Laminate Flooring Option with Affordable and Durability

There are several types of laminate floors, we offer you all. Back in the days, laminate installs were hectic! You had to wait for months for a small area to be complete, and it would also be messy because of the glue. But thanks to us, laminate floor installs have become not only quick but also simple! You can buy yourself click-and-lock laminate flooring or a fold-and-lock laminate flooring design, which is as easy as putting a puzzle together.

When you decide to install laminate flooring in your home or office, you are not just saving time and money, you are also receiving a premium strength finishing. Installing a laminate floor is 4 times faster and easier than the other options like wood and tile. Because laminate is a floating flooring system it not fastened to the substrate, instead, the flooring planks are installed over a layer of foam on the floor.

Mimicking The Real Wood – Offering Same Versatility

Laminate flooring’s unique advantage lies in its ability to mimic its look like the real look of a wood, stone, or tile at a fraction of the cost. This budget-friendly flooring option offers a vast array of styles and finishes, allowing for creative design choices. Its key strength lies in its layered construction. Our experts put the core board topped with a high-resolution image layer replicating wood grain or other desired patterns and protect the overalls with a durable wear layer.

Laminate flooring boasts a relatively simple installation process when you collaborate with First Class Flooring. The planks feature a click-lock mechanism, allowing for quick assembly without requiring glue or nails. Laminate Flooring from our house offer moisture barrier, which just lay on the subfloor first, followed by the laminate planks being clicked together row by row. Trimming around edges and installing transitions for doorways finalize the process.

The best news is that laminate flooring requires minimal servicing. Regular sweeping and occasional damp mopping with a laminate-specific cleaner do the justice. And that’s all!

Torlys Flooring: Gorgeous and Durable Flooring Solutions

When it comes to durability and strength, there is hardly any doubt that Torlys laminate floor is the solution you should look for. With a comprehensive range of flooring solutions on offer from First Class Flooring you have plenty of choices and Torlys is one of them. Coming from Toronto, Ontario, Torlys is a fast expanding flooring solution that brings beautiful, responsible flooring products that you can install at your home or office. Since Torlys provides extensive flexibility and is extremely durable, it is a great flooring solution if your house has huge traffic, kids, and pets.


Elevate the look of your space with the expertise of First Class Flooring. We go beyond just materials, offering a collaborative approach to ensure you achieve your dream floor.  Our extensive selection guarantees you’ll find the perfect style to match your taste, whether it’s mimicking classic hardwood or opting for a modern tile look.

We prioritize customer service, providing knowledgeable staff who can answer your questions and guide you through the selection process. We offer competitive pricing and proud of our qualified installers on hand to ensure a flawless, stress-free installation. With First Class Flooring, you get more than laminate – you get a trusted partner for creating a beautiful and functional floor that reflects your unique style.

  • Easy to clean. You need a slightly damp cloth, and that is all!
  • It is durable and does not dent or damage to small incidents.
  • The maintenance is simple.
  • It is durable and long-lasting
  • The appearance is lavish, giving the outlook of real wood.

At First Class Flooring, we have certainly carved a niche for ourselves in the flooring industry, offering high class flooring products whether they be laminate, vinyl hardwood flooring and engineered hardwood or even tile and carpet. These top quality products are backed fully by the manufacturers with expert knowledge and customer service. The same will be said about us. Our staff are well trained, pleasant and ready to assist with an eye for design!

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