Engineered Wood

Engineered hardwood has become a new fashion, and First Class Flooring also has a habit of being trendsetters. Engineering hardwood floors have gained their popularity due to many reasons. The first one being that it looks like actual, natural wood because of its texture. Other than that, engineered hardwood does not expand or contract, which makes it look great under all sort of temperatures. This makes so inarguably the best selection. It can be laid down anywhere as one wishes. It can be used cosmetically, or in homes, it is up to you. The risk of damage is close to zero even with high moisture impact on the engineered flooring wood.

Engineered wood was once regarded as an inferior imitation of solid hardwood. But advancement in technologies and improvements in the product quality have changed this perception. Solid hardwood may hold a prestigious level for some people, but the lower cost and ease of flooring installation of engineered wood make all the difference. Further, engineered wood is more environment friendly because it uses less hardwood, a fact that appeals many consumers. A quality engineered flooring is durable and will last for many generations and can even be refinished many times.

The other variety is white oak flooring. Engineered white oak wood flooring is an incredibly durable option that can enhance the overall look and functionality in your home. White Oak is preferably resistant to liquids, making it a top pick for kitchens and bathrooms. No matter what your style statement is- a modern or rustic look, this charming hardwood from First Class Flooring is just for you.

You can easily refinish it to make it look new over time, although you wouldn’t need to for a long time. We offer you a whole range of species, grades and finishes. You can choose whatever adapts to your choice and budget.

Constructed with a plywood inner core engineered hardwood offers the same selection to the customer as solid wood with the added benefit of greater stability in varying humidity conditions. The construction of the plank allows the homeowner to nail, glue or float the hardwood floor in any room in the house including basements. Most engineered floors are also safe for radiant heat. These floors also benefit from their construction allowing customers to select planks as wide as 12 inches. Care and cleaning of this flooring is also the same as for solid hardwood- traditional sweeping or vacuuming, or even occasional damp-mopping with a wood cleaner. No extra care to be taken care of for this kind of flooring.

Now that you have all the facts about engineered hardwood, we hope you’re well informed in making your flooring decisions! Or, take the easy way out and leave the hard choices to the experts. Just give us a call and our experts will handhold you through the range of flooring options, design and décor decisions!

With First Class Flooring, you can get new flooring in no time and with the least mess, all from the comfort of your phone or laptop. We handle everything from there. Our specialists will evaluate your site, and then suggest to install your beautiful wooden floor. So, you are all set to bring the beauty of nature indoors and create a unique flooring look.