Solid Wood

Install Solid Wood Floors for Infinite Elegance

Solid wood floors from First Class Flooring Store will last you for generations! It is a durable and desirable choice to go for.

Our knowledgeable team will guide you more about the type of wood it is, the weather conditions it survives in as natural wood. This type is the most preferred for homes and more domestic locations. You can choose the thickness according to your needs and budget. Our services cover across GTA from Brampton, Mississauga, Etobicoke and beyond. Manufactured from an assortment of domestic species such as red oak, white oak, maple, ash, and hickory solid hardwood creates a traditional décor to interior spaces unlike no other flooring material.

Solid wood floors have continued to be regarded as a flooring material that has stood the test of time. The solid wood floors Toronto allows for multiple re-sands increasing the longevity towards 80 years and beyond. Currently prefinished manufacturers offer flooring with a customers’ choice of color applied at the factory ready to be installed.

Call First Class Flooring, your trusted partner in solid wood floors installations and other services to get a flawless solid wood floors that will last for many years to come.

Mercier Wood Flooring: A Question of Finish

When it comes to perfect finishing, there is nothing better than Mercier wood flooring.  These floors are time tested proudly accepted wood flooring solutions for contractors and homeowners alike. For 40 years Mercier has mastered the science of hardwood floor surfaces. Needless to say we are committed for delivering the perfect surfaces that keep natural beauty of prefinished wood floors at the center of attention.

Wide Plank Flooring: Durable and Attractive

We are offering finest a range of Wide Plank flooring solutions including smooth, wire-brushed and hand scraped textures. Floors with these types of textures allows for a multitude of applications from modern home remodeling to authentic Barn Board recreations.

Wide plank flooring is a common term that we use to describe solid wood floorboards that are much wider than traditional choices. Usually 6 to 12 inches wide, these planks give a sumptuous appearance by highlighting the natural wood grain more prominently and minimizing seams, making your home or place look like a wonder. They can give a hint of rustic charm or traditional elegance, as well as making a room feel larger.

Solid Wood Floors are the Best Choice

Without a doubt, the natural appearance of solid wood floors can give your home a warm and traditional feeling that is welcomed after a long day of work. Let your home great you with solid wood Flooring Here are a few reasons you should source your wood flooring products from First Class Flooring.

  • Wood floor options we carry are finished using the latest technology providing you a long lasting and low maintain surface designed for every day wear and tear.
  • Sneezing keeping you awake at night? Unlike carpet that traps dust, derbies and other allergens, Hardwood floors provide a non absorbent and hypoallergenic surface that quite literally eliminates the headaches associated with those who suffer from allergies.
  • As a natural product, solid wood flooring offers a stunning non repeating pattern that you would otherwise find in laminate or vinyl floors. Unlike some wooden flooring alternatives, solid wood can be sanded and refinished to maintain its elegance, making it a cherished investment for years.

First Class Flooring For Installation of Solid Wood Floors

Solid wood flooring offers a unique charm and elegance unmatched by other options. Homes with such choices stand out of the crowd in single glance. Its natural beauty boasts rich grains and a warmth that elevates any interior.

Unlike engineered wood, solid wood is a single, thick plank of real hardwood, making it incredibly strong and long-lasting. However, proper care and installation are crucial for optimal performance. Ergo, you need experts – you need the experts of First Class Flooring.

Solid wood flooring installation is a meticulous process. Let’s have a brief quick look on how we do it. First, the subfloor must be perfectly level and free of moisture to prevent warping. Professionals then secure the planks using nails, glue, or a combination of both, depending on the specific wood and subfloor type. After installation, the floor is sanded smooth and finished with a protective coat of oil, wax, or polyurethane.

Solid wood requires more maintenance than other flooring options. Regular cleaning and occasional refinishing are necessary to maintain its beauty and lifespan.

While the process may seem overwhelming, the result is a stunning and we are always here for complete support while being within your budget.

Call us and get beautiful floors that can have the potential to last for generations.