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At First Class Flooring we carry all the accessories and supplies you need to maintain and enhance your hard surface floor.

Our cleaners are specifically designed for hardwood and laminate floors and don’t leave unwanted streaks or film buildup. We also carry touch up kits for those little accidents. And don’t forget to protect your floors from moving furniture by purchasing felt pad protectors.

We also carry a large assortment of unfinished and prefinished trim and baseboards for adding the finishing touches to your flooring project.

At First Class Flooring we a offer comprehensive range of Trim Moldings that are used for interior design of your house or offices. These are an extremely important part when you are revamping your home’s interior. Trim moldings add elegance and create a focal point and used a lot these days for aesthetics. Needless to say these are available in wood or synthetic and even polyvinyl or PVC and urethane to cater to any requirements.

First Class Floorings has also brought in premium quality Underpads which are meant to provide superior sound reduction when installing hardwood floors in your house or Condo. These underpads provide more than just sound control, they also provide cushioning under floating floors and can act as a moisture barrier when installing directly in concrete.

We are selling one of the most sought after floor care kits to help our customers maintain a clean and long lasting floor after install. Appropriate for residential and commercial use, the Bona Ultimate Hardwood Floor Care Kit is a durable 4 piece mop handle with extra-large mop head. It also contains two Bona Microfiber Cleaning Pads which are designed for effective cleaning with dual zone cleaning action. The microfiber Dusting Pad that has electrostatic design traps dust, dirt and pet hair. Preserve the life of your floor with the Bona Ultimate Hardwood Flooring Care Kit.

Base Board trim to Cover Joints Gracefully

The final touch is what completes any renovation. At First Class Flooring we carry the most update to date baseboard designed that will turn any home renovation into the modern delight.

Felt Pad to Protect Your Walls and Floors

Felt pads are most often forgotten accessory that will save your floors from destruction. These tiny pads affix to your dining room chairs or able legs and provide a scratch free contact between the furniture and the floor. Help protect your floors from scratches with these inexpensive and extremely useful accessories.

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