Vinyl Flooring: Home Decor Ideas

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Whether you are moving into your new house or are looking forward to renovating your home, vinyl flooring in Canada is a great choice! Not only it is durable and water-resistant; it even comes in a large range of different styles and looks. As you revamp your home sweet home, we want to get you inspired with all the features vinyl flooring has to offer.

The complete look 

Vinyl Flooring in Toronto has many styles and colours that are available .Vinyl can be installed in any room in a house and is particularly useful in high traffic areas such as kitchens and recreation rooms. Secondary rooms such as mud rooms can also benefit from vinyl flooring. The most popular application of vinyl is in basements where moisture can become an issue.

Designing Tips and tricks:

When you consider choosing vinyl wood flooring in Canada, consider the different widths of the planks. Larger areas often benefit from wider planks. Conversely a narrower plank will be suitable in smaller rooms. Lighter colours also tend to open up rooms in a house with minimal lighting.

It is also effective to create contrast between the colour of your floors and your furniture.

Where will vinyl flooring fit best?

Vinyl is most suitable in bedrooms and basements. It is water resistant so that it can be used in the bathroom and kitchen too. Vinyl is also suitable in commercial areas.

Advantages Of Vinyl Flooring

Easy to install: Vinyl flooring is straightforward to install as it clicks together as a floating floor. Glue down vinyl  flooring is also available which can be installed over concrete, wooden or any other base flooring with the help of urethane  adhesives..

Versatile:  Vinyl can be installed above, on grade or below grade in any house. It comes in a click format as well as glue down. It can be installed in any room in the house. Commercial grades are also available for small and large businesses.

Affordable: When compared to other flooring options, Vinyl flooring in Toronto is much cheaper. With its classic appearance the low price is a real winner.

Easy to maintenance:

Vinyl wood flooring is easy to maintain. All you need to do is sweep and mop it regularly to help it looking like new.

Durable: Vinyl is covered with a strong wear layer that is high in scuff and abrasion resistance. Most vinyl flooring is moisture proof as well.


Looking at the ideas above, you can see that vinyl wood flooring in Canada is an excellent idea for your new home decor.

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