Popular Flooring Choices Gaining Momentum in Flooring Industry

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It is a good decision to remodel your homes by installing wooden floors. The wooden floor be it hardwood or engineered wood often give a classic touch to any space. With availability in so many colors, grain patterns and sizes, the style and appeal offered by wooden flooring remain unmatchable. Before installing the floor, it is prudent to understand different types of hardwood material and figure out which material will look great for years and withstand your lifestyle and preferences.

Different Kinds of Flooring Choices in Wood

Unfinished Wood: You can choose this kind of hardwood in unique stains that will match your existing paint color and finishes. This material is commonly available in plank forms, which are cut and packaged without applying any sealant or stain. However, this kind of material is an ideal choice for certain areas in homes like kitchens where finishing sealant or stain prevent seepage of water between each board. Its counterpart is pre-finished floors in which a stain and sealant are already applied. Customers only need to select the color of their choices in pre-finished hardwood material.

Solid Wood: Solid hardwood flooring are the real wood floors crafted purely from the hardwood of different materials like oak, maple, walnut, etc. This kind of material is commonly available in 5/8 to ¾ thickness size and is easy to refinish multiple times over its lifespan. They are durable and look beautiful when maintained over years.

Engineered Wood: If customers are looking for a cost-effective option of solid wood but do not want to compromise with a look and feel factor, engineered wood flooring holds the key. This material comprises a thin layer of real wood with several layers of plywood beneath. Because of two materials: plywood and real wood, this material is more durable and stable. This is one material that a customer can install in any area of his house right from kitchens, living rooms to bathrooms as it is not susceptible to warping.

Vintage Wood: Just like vintage clothing and cars, vintage flooring is an excellent combination of new and old floor styles. This kind of flooring option works well where a home or a building has a contemporary and rustic style of decor. To define simply, vintage floors are either new floor or old wood floors have undergone the ageing process so it gives the look and feels of old floors. Neither reclaimed nor traditional, this floor style has unique appeal and class. This floor option is usually available in different forms like parquet and planks and in myriad heritage tones.  Handscraped and distressed floors, reclaimed wood, knotty wood and oiled hardwood floors are some of the popular styles of vintage wood flooring. In the past few years only, this kind of flooring option has gained immense popularity and becoming the most sought-after floor choice in commercial settings.

Alternative Options

If you are looking for alternatives to wood flooring and in the affordable category, you can move on to laminate and Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT). These flooring materials look like real wood, but in reality, they are not; they only give a wood-like appearance. Talking about laminate, it is compressed layers of melamine resin and fibreboard with a photographic image of high-quality wood grain on the top. These floors are extremely durable as they have a clear protective layer. Even Luxury Vinyl Tiles are also known for their durability. Just like laminate, this flooring material resembles hardwood flooring and is available at affordable rates. Affordability and water-resistant are the two features that are increasing the popularity of these floors in the flooring industry. However, unlike laminate and LVT, wood is a natural material.

So, the moot point is today’s customers have a lot of flooring choices. If they need to shortlist one flooring material based on the budget, they can go ahead with choices like LVT and laminate and if they are looking for a natural look and material, nothing can beat the charm of hardwood.

Industry experts strongly recommend that customers should consult with interior decorators or floor suppliers in detail before purchasing any flooring material. For instance, the professionals of First Class Flooring guide customers regarding how to choose floor material and even offer them installation services if required. This helps them in making sound and informed decisions.

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