Nitty Gritty of Styles and Installation of Wide Plank Flooring

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The boards of hardwood flooring in the market are available in various sizes starting from 2 ½ to 4 inches. These are the standard sizes but some companies offer solid wood floors in large sizes having widths as high as 6 to 20 inches. These floorings have a special name as wide plank flooring. This kind of flooring is a common choice for residential purposes as they give an aesthetic look to a room.

The popularity of this kind of flooring dates back to the 19th century or even before. However, recently only the concept of wide plank flooring gained popularity owing to their unmatchable appeal. But as compared to narrow planks, these wide boards are extremely expensive because of the limited availability. These boards have larger widths and are prepared from the tree’s trunk as branches are not suitable for flooring purposes. And, limited numbers of trees are suitable for such purpose making them highly expensive to afford.

Scores of Choices in Wide Planks Flooring

Besides unmatchable appeal, another advantage with this kind of flooring is available in various wood forms and shades. If you choose a company like Mercier Wood flooring, you will find this flooring in almost any kind of hardwood as well as softwood. You can even find the wide planks in exotic and reclaimed wood.

Reclaimed Wood: As not enough big trees are left to provide the wide planks, therefore most of these planks come from salvaged, destructive or decayed wood. Even if trees are removed due to urban expansion, they can be used for preparing flooring planks. That’s why it is known as reclaimed wood. So, when you purchase reclaimed wood planks, you are contributing towards a greener environment. Because these woods are obtainable from old-growth trees, therefore they have a distinct and dramatic appearance with grains, worm runs, and knots-like design.

Exotic Flooring: As such, there is no definition of exotic woods but woods from rosewood, mahogany, and teak fall in this category. Just like reclaimed, even exotic wood planks are available in alluring colors, rare patterns and have a unique style.

Customers, as per their preferences and budgets, can even choose wide planks flooring in unfinished and finished style. Whatever style they choose, the end result is magnificent and eye-appealing.

Installation Process

Only professionals can carry out the installation process of wide planks. Some of the general tips related to their installation are as follows:

  1. If wide plank flooring is installed over a sub-floor of plywood, use high-grade adhesive. Apply adhesive to floorboards and blind nail with a pneumatic nailer to the length of the boards. While placing these floors, make it a point o leave a minimum gap of ¼’’ between the end walls and floorboards so that wood can expand easily.
  2. If you are installing these planks over concrete slabs, adhesive alone is enough to secure the floors. A useful tip is to use a high-grade adhesive containing a moisture vapor barrier so that it will keep away moisture from seeping into the concrete.

Prevent Serious Damage with Proper Acclimation

The process of wood flooring is hygroscopic. It implies if the surrounding environment contains moisture greater than the wood, then the wood will absorb it from the air. On the other hand, if the air is drier, then the wood loses its moisture to the air. Based on the wood loses or gains moisture, it will either contracts or expands. Once the wood is introduced to the environment, the humidity level changes significantly. This is true in the case of wide plank flooring. The reason is this flooring is susceptible to damage when temperature and humidity levels change frequently. Thus, it makes mandatory to follow the acclimation process before installation.

In simple words, acclimation is defined as the act of bringing the moisture content of the wood in equilibrium with the environment of the installation. Once the installation site gets ready and the humidity and the temperature of the space match with the general living conditions of the space, professionals introduce wood to the required environment.  If the wood is not properly acclimated with the environment, the floor is likely to develop large gaps between boards, squeak or crown. The worst can happen it will even void the manufacturer’s warranties. So, a gentle reminder is to rely on the quality of reputed manufacturers like Mercier Wood Flooring and call professionals for the installation.

When you purchase wide planks from reputed manufacturers, they believe in educating customers about the complications involved pertaining to the installation process to avoid any problems in the future. So, choosing a trustworthy manufacturer or supplier is equally important if you want to install wide plank flooring in your house.

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