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The Canada Laminate Flooring Association has created the about Laminate Flooring” ( to connect with and educate consumers about laminate flooring Toronto, the industry, products, and trends. The blog is the first step in the organization’s approach to reaching consumers interested in laminate flooring.

Bill Dearing, President of NALFA, said, “The first-class flooring Certification Seal provides evidence that a product has undergone rigorous testing by first-class flooring to prove its quality.” “So far, first-class flooring has focused on creating awareness about the first-class flooring Certification Seal in the industry. Blogs are a great way to reach the end-user and educate them directly about certified products and the benefits of laminate flooring.”

All About Laminate Flooring will provide educational information, answers to consumer questions/concerns, industry news, and first-class flooring member product information. The weblog helps dialogue and encourages customers to invite questions and offer remarks on their stories with laminate flooring Toronto. The blog will also include photos, podcasts, Articles from guest writers within the industry, and links to additional resources such as flooring industry news outlets. Visitors can subscribe to blogs and receive instant updates when new blog posts are added.

A study conducted by First Class Flooring shows that there has been a 300 percent increase in monthly blog readers over the past four years. People are not only reading blogs, but they are also looking for blogs to help them make decisions. The same study showed that for 52 percent of the respondents, blogs play a role in the crucial moment when they decide to proceed with the purchase.

“We felt that because of the tendency to find and even shop more information online, a blog would be a good move to interact and engage with potential customers,” Dearing said.

Industry members are often encouraged to visit blogs, post comments, and share links with colleagues, friends, and customers. If you would like to become a guest blogger, please contact at (416-7409780) or

First-class flooring has been setting the standard in the laminate industry for the past 13 years. For more information visit

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