5 popular Engineered Hardwood tree species

Despite the availability of so many flooring options in the market, hardwood flooring tops the chart in Toronto. The credit goes to its durability and timeless beauty. Solid and engineered hardwood floors are the two most popular options offered to customers regarding hardwood floors. And in most cases, the latter is the clear winner. Did you know why? The reason is it gives a natural look and feel, is easy to install, cost-effective and less prone to water and moisture damage.

To get the hardwood floors’ material, the tree is cut into logs, which are further sawed for making planks or boards. The look and feel of every board vary based on the wood species it belongs to. Yes, you heard it right! The boards for making floors were obtained from different wood species. Hardwoods used for installing floors are generally classified into two categories: exotic and domestic wood species. The exotic species include Bamboo, Brazilian Cherry, Amendoim and many others. On the other hand, walnut, maple, red oak, Birch encompasses the domestic species. It is easy to guess that the former comes with a higher price tag. It is strange but true that all species are used for forming hardwood floors but their characteristics vary and so are their prices.

Popular Hardwood Flooring Species

Now, let’s take a close look at some of the most popular hardwood floor species in Toronto commonly used for both domestic and commercial purposes.

1. Oak: This is one of the most abundant woods found across the globe. The best and practical option for homes, it is durable and one of the affordable options in the market today. When you choose oak, you will get aesthetic advantages as well it is available in different stained forms raging from light-colored, medium to dark. Due to the presence of strong graining patterns, it easily hides dents and scratches on the floor, thereby making it an ideal choice for homes with pets and kids.

Red oak and white oak are two popular oak flooring species. They derive their names due to the difference in bark colors, else both have hues of pink. Red oak is a magical combination of natural light pink, cream and red color. Because of stain-resistant properties and availability in various colors, it is more popular than its counterpart. But if you are looking for a stable option, white oak is the leader. The color options vary from gray to golden brown and it is counted as a stable flooring option. If you want to get the best shades in both wood species, check out the collection of branded Mercier wood flooring.

2. Bamboo: Durability, eco-friendliness and affordability are three factors increasing its popularity as hardwood floors. To add further, bamboo floors are easy to lay on concrete floors and prove to be cost-effective as well. Though it is less costly than oak, prices may vary depending upon the species. A point important to remember is it is difficult to sand bamboo like oak species therefore discuss with an interior decorator before choosing the bamboo floor for any particular space.

3. Hickory: If you want to obtain a rustic look for any given space, choose the hickory species of the engineered hardwood floors. It looks beautiful and extremely durable also. Moreover, it is one of the hardest wood flooring varieties in the commercial market. Available in medium to creamy brown color options, this is a viable option for hotels, schools and many other commercial spaces.

4. Maple: Homeowners looking for achieving natural finishing on floors choose maple floors. It is one of the durable flooring types with scratch and dent-resistant properties. This wood is generally available in warm and light colors such as cream, yellow, etc., giving any room or space a brighter look. If you really like this variety, do not forget the collection of Vintage Flooring. The reputed brand offers some of the beautiful shades of Maple at cost-effective rates.

5. Cherry: Brazilian and American Cherry are two kinds of Cherry tree species used in flooring. The former falls into exotic whereas the latter into the domestic variety. The Brazilian cherry is available in a natural reddish-brown color and is extremely durable. On the other hand, American Cherry is also available in reddish to brownish tones but becomes redder with time.

To conclude, engineered hardwood floors are worldwide popular due to their glamour and exotic look. You can choose them in different species and colors as per your lifestyles and budgets. If you want to get different brands of wood flooring in one place, contact First Class Flooring- a leading hardwood flooring supplier in Toronto.