5 Important FAQs Related to Engineered Hardwood Floorings

When you are planning to refresh the look of any commercial space with the flooring material, you have endless choices. But what matters the most is choosing such kind of floor which withstands with factors like traffic, aesthetic appeal, moisture and environmental changes of the surroundings where it needs to install. If you ask any designer the same question 4-5 years back, he will recommend tiles and marbles as the preferred flooring materials as these options are durable and have an unmatchable appeal. But slowly and steadily, engineered hardwood flooring is gaining popularity in the Toronto market. Do you wonder why? Let’s unveil the real reasons.

It is really difficult to undermine the attractiveness of marble and tile floors, but there are certain factors where hardwood floors especially engineered gain the top rankings. These factors are as follows:

1. These floors offer beautiful, warm and natural finishing to onlookers.
2. They are eco-friendly.
3. They have unmatchable aesthetical appeal.
4. They are easy to re-sand and refinish.
5. They are easy to lay upon existing floors.
6. As wood is a good conductor of electricity, therefore they are shock-resistant.

These are some of the advantages offered by wood floors purchased from reputed brands like Vintage flooring. Let’s answer some of the most asked questions by a common man regarding engineered wood floors.

Is Engineered Hardwood a great choice for basements?

Indeed, yes. The most common problem faced with solid hardwood floors is they cannot withstand moisture. This is the main reason you will find solid wood floors commonly on the ground floor and above but things are different with engineered floorings. They are moisture-resistant and thus easy to install below grade i.e. in basements also. So, commercial buildings with multi-storied offices including the basement prefer choosing engineered floors to bring uniformity in the look and feel of offices.

Is it termite and fire-resistant?

The engineered wood manufactured by certain brands is fire-resistant. For instance, Mercier Wood Flooring is one brand that offers flooring materials with high ignition temperature making floors the last thing to burn in case any commercial complex catches fire. This makes them an excellent choice for restaurants, pubs, hotels and evacuation areas.

Additionally, engineered real wood undergoes a high-temperature manufacturing process due to which it becomes termite resistant as well..

Is it easy to refinish or re-sand the engineered wood?

Now, that‘s a tricky question. It is possible to re-sand and refinish solid wood floors about 10 times in their lifetime. This makes them ideal to install in high-traffic areas. But the engineered floors have a veneer layer on the top making it difficult to re-sand multiple times. But the good thing is these floorings come with factory finishing, which implies that they do not require additional finishing or sanding after installation. So, the answer is it is not possible to re-sand or refinish these floors as many times as solid floors and even they do not require refinishing so many times.

Does it retain natural beauty for a long duration?

Of course, Yes. These floors contain several layers with the veneer as the top-most layer. And veneer is made from the same wood used in the manufacturing of solid hardwood floors. Therefore, you will experience natural beauty wood even after years of installation when you follow the required cleaning and maintenance tips religiously.

How to clean engineered wood floors?

The cleaning is a simple and easy process. Keep the following things in mind while cleaning the floors:

1. Broom or use a lightweight vacuum cleaner for cleaning floors. In case of heavy foot traffic area, clean it daily.

2. Use damp mopping for cleaning dirt, dust and oil marks. Commercial spaces should damp mop the floor once every two or three days to maintain their shine.

3. Avoid using harsh chemicals or cleaners for cleaning the wood floors. In case of scratch, use eco-friendly scratch cleaners, which are easily available in the marketplace.

Follow these simple tips and you will find these floors giving a natural and beautiful look, which is aesthetically appealing.

So, if you are planning to install engineered hardwood floorings in your Toronto-based café, restaurant, office or any shop, you have come to the right place. We, First Class Flooring, offer different floor choices to customers in their favorite brands. To get details about these floors and their installation charges, feel free to speak with us.